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Effective Fundraising - Made Easy!

Fundraising can be tricky to manage, and very labor-intensive. We understand the need to offer enticing, well-designed products, while maximizing your return. Plus, we know your needs shouldn’t crush your volunteer resources under the weight of planning and delivery.

Let ENVISION carry the heavy lifting.
Pick your items, share your store, and collect your earnings.

- It’s that simple!

Complete our inquiry form (below) to start a conversation about your next fundraiser.

ENVISION Advantages:

  1. Raise money for your school, church, team, or cause.
  2. No up-front costs.
  3. Online branded store.
  4. We collect payment and then turnover the fundraising portion to the organization immediately following the store closing.
  5. Less coordination headaches for volunteers.
  6. All items are labeled and packaged for easy distribution, or we can even ship the items to each of your customers.
  7. All items are customized - unlike other online fundraising platforms who require you use their templates and apparel.
  8. You pick the merchandise - from t-shirts to high-end custom branded hard-goods.
  9. No leftover inventory to deal with
  10. Hundreds of branded products to choose from.
  11. We handle your customer service inquiries.

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