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About Us

Forward Thinking Leads to Better Results


After a successful career in printing sales and publication management, Brian Hess founded ENVISION in 2007. Understanding the rapid changes in printing technology and emerging processes, Brian believed there was a better way to facilitate print buying by becoming less dependent on machinery, and more agile by leveraging multiple sources. This revolutionary approach has led to better, more cost-effective solutions for his customers.

Since then, ENVISION has expanded this approach to include Branded Merchandise, Branded Apparel and Website Development.

“Customer needs continue to evolve, and print touches our lives constantly in the form of books, newspapers, product packaging, magazines, mail and even branded products and apparel. We’ve positioned ENVISION to react quickly to the evolving requirements and creative expectations.” 

– Brian Hess


How We Work

A Successful Process:

Every one of our projects starts with an exploratory conversation. We want to know our customers’ goals, and how they intend to utilize what we do, who their target audience is, their expected outcome or return, their project timeline, and budget constraints. Then (this is where our talents kick in) we use our experience to recommend the best options to achieve those goals.

Solutions That Are…

  1. Highly Creative

  2. Cost-Effective

  3. Efficiently Planned & Managed

  4. Rigorously Examined for Guaranteed Quality

  5. Held to Brand Standards & Consistency

  6. Delivered On Time

Why does this work?

We print everything from business cards, water bottles, restaurant menus, and apparel, to hard cover books and direct mail. We match the right suppliers to the customers’ project goals, always with our “effective solution” process leading the way. Having great suppliers allows us to be hardware independent, which means far less overhead for us, and far better pricing for our customers.

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We'd Love to Work With You

We love customers with creative vision. We want you to bring that vision, that goal to us, and work with us to see your project through to success.

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From concept to delivery, The ENVISION GROUP is a leading provider of printing, creative services, branded merchandise, and custom branded apparel.

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